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Represent Australia

The of Anthem Australia is in the first instance to contact every Australian and ask them if they DO or DON'T want 'Australia' to be Australia's new national anthem.

To make this plan happen we are seeking volunteers to distribute the new anthem to those Australians who:

  • Are either not connected to the internet, or don't have email.
  • Or, did receive an email about 'Australia' but were too busy to take any action.
  • Or, don't trust the internet.

And, to then (initially) act as their representative and/or (eventually) to help them use the internet to manage their own vote.

The type of person most likely to volunteer will:

  • Prefer to resolve issues via
  • Enjoy the process of debating the merits of an idea or issue.
  • Understand and use the to verify an issue.
  • Share our longer term vision of a network to progress any issue or idea of importance within the domain of Australia.
  • Naturally be inclined to form and maintain a network of personal contacts.
  • Represent equally those who are for or against an idea irrespective of their own position.
  • Reject the trading of votes for one idea or issue to support another idea or issue.
  • Respect the wishes of those whom they represent with regard to the confidentiality of the position they hold on any given issue.
  • Not use any unethical means to influence the position of those whom they represent.

If you are interested in being an 'Australia Representative' then contact .